Universal Nutrition Animal Flex - 44 packs

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Complete Joint & Ligament Support 

Hardcore training gets results, size and strength gains, better endurance capacity, and improved physique. This extreme physical pursuit and the big weights involved also carry with them some negative consequences, most notably joint pain. Your mortal joints and tendons are stressed each training session by the massive amounts of weight and the numerous sets and reps performed in a typical hardcore workout. This constant pounding can take its toll on the body and over time, limit your ability to reach your potential. 

Serious bodybuilders and strength athletes know how critical it is to consistently challenge themselves with heavier weights and increasing intensity. Ideally, they would be able to so without the constant fear of nagging injury and deteriorating joints. If your joints and cartilage are weakened, over the long term, your muscles will only be able to progress so far. This is where Animal Flex enters the equation. 

Animal Flex is designed to help protect your joints from the continuous wear and tear brought about by weight training. 

Each pack of Animal Flex consists of only the most powerful joint protection ingredients: a potent regeneration complex to help repair connective tissue, a lubrication complex to cushion the joints from heavy lifting, a support complex to help promote rehabilitation and reduce soreness; and a comprehensive nutrient support blend which supplies the cartilage and tendons with the proper nutrients for optimal joint health. Helping to supply the most effective and potent balance of joint nutrients available, Animal Flex is your armor against the rigors of iron warfare.