Naughty Boy Taboo 60 Veg Caps




Taboo is powered by MitoBurn, InnoSlim, ZinjaBurn, CaloriBurn, ChromaX and BioPerine.

A weight management product without stimulants? Sounds Taboo! Yes Taboo contains ZERO stimulants making it extremely versatile and ideal for evening consumption. 

Taboo contains ingredients that not only assist in weight management but have also been proven to regulate blood glucose and provide strong anti-inflammatory benefits. One of the ingredients we did want to touch on is ZinjaBurn which is a first for the UK. ZinjaBurn is a compound present in ginger that has a very similar structure to curcumin. ZinjaBurn expresses strong anti-inflammatory, anti obesity, anti proliferative, mood boosting and metabolic properties. Because of ZinjaBurns ability to stimulate AMPK, supplementing with ZinjaBurn may prime your body to burn more fat over the course of an entire day opposed to just the time you spend in the gym.