Naughty Boy Menace Do the Business Pre-Workout 390g




NaughtyBoy® Menace Limited Edition "Do The Business" Powered by S7®, VitaCholine®, Infinergy® and BioPerine®.

NaughtyBoy® has collaborated with two of the biggest companies in the supplement industry to bring you a potent limited edition version of our Pre-Workout product MENACE®.

So what makes this limited edition different? Menace "Do The Business" contains a combination of 6g of Citrulline and the trademarked ingredient S7® which has been shown in pilot studies to increase nitric oxide levels by 230%. This combination combines synergistically to increase blood flow and long lasting pumps. Menace® "Do The Business" contains a hard hitting TRI-Caffeine blend that contains three caffeine sources to provide a quick onset of energy and that will keep you energised right throughout your workout. Trademarked ingredient VitaCholine® combined with L-Tyrosine will increase mood modulation, promote mind to muscle connection and along with Beta-Alanine maximise performance.