Grenade Pre-Workout 330g





Get it Done whenever, wherever with Grenade Pre-Workout. Each serving is packed with high, natural caffeine to deliver the ultimate kick & focus on the days you need it the most. And with flavours inspired by Grenade Energy, it’ll hit your tastebuds with a refreshing zing that’ll leave you feeling ready for anything.

So whatever life throws at you, Get it Done with Grenade Pre-Workout; it’s in the bag.

Grenade Pre-Workout (20 Servings) Ingredients & Nutritional Information:
(Based on Cherry Bomb flavour).

  Per 100g Per 16.5g
Energy 1346 kJ 222 kJ
  316 Kcal 52 Kcal
Fat 0 0
 - Of which saturates 0 0
Carbohydrates 3.9 0.6
 - Of which sugars 0 0
Protein 0 0
Salt 0.87 0.14
Caffeine 180mg
L-Citrulline DL-Malate 6000mg
Beta-Alanine 2500mg
L-Tyrosine 2000mg
Betaine Hydrochloride 1500mg
Taurine 500mg
Magnesium Citrate 370mg
Potassium Bicarbonate 300mg
Sodium Bicarbonate 200mg
D-Glucuronolactone 200mg
Acetyl-L-Carnitine 150mg
Rhodiola Roseea Extract (Root) 50mg