Sparta Nutrition Spartan BCAA 270g

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Today, the hot topic is all about BCAA vs full-spectrum EAAs. With Spartan BCAA, you get both, and will never need to worry about which side of the fence to support. Spartan BCAA is the first ever amino acid product to offer the patented Amino9 Essential Amino Acid mix. You wouldn't settle for less than the best in your training program, so why settle for less than the best from your training supplements? As the building blocks of proteins and thus muscle building, amino acids are a crucial component of your program. Spartan BCAA offers: PROVEN 2:1 BCAA RATIO? A COMPLETE EAA PROFILE, WITH 3 GRAMS OF EAAS. ULTIMATE TASTE, AS SPARTA NUTRITION CUSTOMERS HAVE COME TO EXPECT! Spartan BCAA was designed to be the ultimate amino acid supplement.