Naughty Boy Shieldmixer Shaker 700ml

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The Naughty Boy Shieldmixer shaker features a revolutionary sidekick strainer system combined with superpowers like glasslike odor & stain-resistant plastic, rounded base and unmatched design.

Spout Shield
Leak-proof cap designed for easier and more hygienic usage.

Heroic Lid Design
Guaranteed leak-proof lid made from high-quality durable plastic.

BPA Free
Leaking of BPA substances from container into beverage can cause a potential health risk. This is why we made our shaker BPA free.

Rounded Base
Rounded bottom ensures better fluid circulation and prevents powder residue from settling making the bottle easier to clean.

Sidekick Strainer
Revolutionary click strainer system enables you hassle free operating and shorter mixing time. Angled positioning and larger mixing area provides faster and more efficient mixing. Never loose your strainer again.

Eastman Tritan plastic
Trademarked Eastman Tritan plastic is extremely durable, made from glasslike polycarbonate material. It is scratch resistant, odor free and non-toxic.