Dedicated Nutrition ZM-Z 60 Tabs

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ZM-z™ is the ultimate combination of the best forms of Magnesium & Zinc combined with the new cutting-edge ingredient Zylaria®. This unique combination will promote deep and restful sleep whilst fueling your recovery.

450mg of Pure Magnesium per serving | Since virtually everyone is severely underdosing Magnesium we’ve done the opposite; mega dosing Magnesium and having a REAL open-label. And not just that; we’ve used one of the best forms of Magnesium with the all-natural sea water derived and patented Aquamin Magnesium for better absorption.

22.5mg of Real Zinc per serving | We’ve added in perhaps the most bioavailable form of Zinc on the planet. The mighty Zinc Bisglycinate in a truly effective dose.

500mg of Zylaria per serving | Zylaria is a patented cutting-edge and natural ingredient that is amazingly effective in enhancing everyone’s sleep quality. It doesn’t cause drowsiness and isn’t addictive so it can and should be used nonstop. Zylaria works by naturally increasing GABA levels and thus promoting relaxation & deeper sleep and elevates mood.

  • Vegan tabs
  • 60 tabs
  • 30 servings per container