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Your performance defines your end product. Whether your goal is to enhance muscle mass, burn body fat, or increase strength & speed, performance is the mandate which will hold your body accountable to change. Fail to perform, and you’ll fail to reach those goals.

That’s why NXT Nutrition’s Amino Fuel is such a critical product to you. When it comes to performance, Amino Fuel ticks all the boxes to allow you to fulfill your potential.

Let’s start with intensity. Without the right intensity, you don’t provide any stimulus for the body to change.

Amino Fuel’s intelligent blend of BCAA’s & glutamine are immediately digested and utilised to enhance recovery between sets and preserve muscle wastage, ensuring you can continue to prolong the intensity of each set in order to generate maximum results.

But it’s not just about prolonging intensity - it’s also about maximising your performance on every set.

This is where beta-alanine, a trusted lactic acid buffer, works so efficiently. By delaying the onset of fatigue, beta-alanine allows you to lift more reps on every set in the gym.

There’s more: we decided to include the well renowned Citrulline Malate in the formula, which acts as a pH regulator during training, allowing you to flush out waste products, while simultaneously increasing your anaerobic and aerobic capacities.

Rounding out the formula with an electrolyte blend and the elusive Vitamin D, it’s clear that Amino Fuel is a cut above the rest when it comes to an all-in-one intra-workout solution that’s able to power up your performance.

Quality, innovation, and fantastic taste: a revolutionary intra-workout supplement for the performance-conscious athlete and gym-goer.

Nutritional Information

Typical Values

Per 100g

Per 30 g (serving)


1447 kJ 346 kcal

145 kJ 35 kcal


0 g

0 g

of which saturates

0 g

0 g

mono - unsaturates

0 g

0 g

poly unsaturates

0 g

0 g


8.96 g

0.9 g

of which sugars

0.23 g

0.03 g


0 g

0 g


8.73 g

0.88 g


2.46 g

0.25 g

Protein (dry basis)

75 g

7.5 g


1.41 g

0.15 g


Per 10 g

Per 20 g


2000 mg

4000 mg


1000 mg

2000 mg


1000 mg

2000 mg


2000 mg

4000 mg

Chitrulline DL Malate

1000 mg

2000 mg

Beta Alanine

500 mg

1000 mg

Vitamin B6

750 mcg

1500 mcg

Coconut Water

500 mg

1000 mg