Ronnie Coleman King Mass XL 2.7kg

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Probably no one will ever topple Arnie from his perch, but Ronnie Coleman is without doubt the most legendary bodybuilder of our times. The Ronnie Coleman signature series are the products that Ronnie feels are good enough to bear his name, and one of these products is his King Mass XL. 

With a massive 1000 calories, 180g of carbohydrates, and 60g of muscle building protein per double serving, King Mass XL is going to help you pack on weight quickly, there can be no doubt about that! The sugar content is a little higher than we'd like to see at 25g, but that means that less than 14% of the total carbohydrates are sugar. 

King Mass XL is also loaded with a stack of ergogenics like creatine monohydrate, L-Glutamine, and a BCAA matrix, for enhanced strength, muscle retention, and improved recovery. It's also worth noting that the protein is a blend of whey and micellar casein protein, so you get sustained protein release throughout the day, which is perfect for both building muscle and preventing muscle catabolism. 

It won't give you body of Ronnie but if you want to put on weight and muscle fast, this will do the trick!