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PhD Nutrition Pre-WKT PERFORM is a high quality pre workout that has been mood to help you gain the energy you need to perform at your chosen workout. PhD Nutrition Pre-WKT PERFORM also contains 3000mg of Beta Alanine. Beta Alanine helps produce Carnosine. Carnosine helps prevent that burn feeling you get when lactic acid builds up helping with the endurance of muscles and helps increase time to exhaustion. PhD Nutrition Pre-WKT PERFORM also contains everyone's favourite, Creatine! Creatine works by regenerating our ATP, our immediate source of muscular energy. When Creatine stores are depleted then our energy levels come to a halt. PhD Nutrition Pre-WKT unique ingredient Peak O2 has shown to increase endurance and strength output. It is the perfect ingredient to help you PERFORM. PhD Nutrition Pre-WKT is perfect for anyone wanting a pre-workout that doesn't contain huge amounts of caffeine but scientifically backed ingredients to help keep you energised through your workouts.