NXT TNT Nuclear Shaker

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The NXT Nutrition 'TNT Nuclear' Shaker is perfect for mixing your protein shakes

The shaker has a 700ml capacity with the 'TNT Nuclear' branding. The shaker is complete with a mesh grill insert, screw on top, clip cap and leak proof design. The shaker design is simple and ergonomic, and the lightweight design makes it perfect to carry in your gym bag. The lid has a large spout enabling easy and fast consumption of your mixed product.

The shaker is made by the leading global manufacturer, Buchsteiner based in Germany. It's an original MixMaster shaker so it's a high quality product, and 100% dishwasher safe.

The NXT Nutrition shaker is perfect for creating a smooth shake, and removing any lumps. It also has convenient measurements on side of the shaker, from 100ml-700ml in 100ml increments for accuracy.