Naughty Boy Cream of the Crop Cream of Rice 2kg

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Cream of the Crop makes a tasty thick and creamy texture that is available in 5 delicious flavours. Cream of the Crop is very easy to digest and is sugar-free.

Cream of the Crop is gluten-free making it ideal for those that have gluten intolerances and the smart choice as a breakfast cereal. Cream of the Crop is ideal for boosting energy, gaining muscle and carb loading for endurance athletes.

Cream of the Crop goes great with protein powders and nut butters.

Mix 25g (one rounded scoop) with 90-100ml of water and heat in a microwave. Alternatively, put 25g (one rounded scoop) in a mug and slowly add 90-100ml of boiling water while mixing with a fork. Mix until thick. Best to leave to cool for 3-5 minutes before consumption.