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Backed by multiple scientific studies, the key ingredients in Clear Muscle SX-7 Revolution have been shown to build more muscle than any other sport nutrition supplement. The inner pill harnesses a high-quality combination of key muscle building ingredients in their inherent active states. Its suspended in a bioavailable liquid complex featuring BetaTOR. Together they form the most powerful combination of muscle building and performance-enhancing ingredients ever assembled into one product. Featuring BetaTOR, PEAK ATP and KIC in a combination that's 100 exclusive to MuscleTech, this cutting-edge technology allows for both fast-release liquid and rapid-dispersion powder co-release when you need it most FAST-RELEASE LIQUID PILL: Featuring BetaTOR, a unique, cutting-edge metabolite and free-acid derivative of leucine and HMB. In a ground-breaking clinical study at an American university, test subjects using PEAK ATP and BetaTOR gained 18.7 lbs. of pure, lean muscle in just 12 weeks. They also added almost 212 lbs. to their best bench deadlift squat total. MICRONIZED MUSCLEBUILDING PILL: First-of-its-kind pill, combining PEAK ATP and KIC, scientifically shown to improve muscle performance, pumps and recovery, while creating the ideal anabolic environment. ADVANCED DUAL-CAPSULE TECHNOLOGY breakthrough dual-capsule technology combines and delivers ingredients in their inherent active states in one high-potency dose. DUAL-CAPSULE, PILL-WITHIN-A-PILL TECHNOLOGY. Introducing the worlds most advanced new dual-capsule technology that harnesses the power of a super-concentrated, micronized powder capsule suspended within a highly bioavailable liquid capsule.