Ghost Legend x Christian Guzman Limited Edition

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GHOST LEGEND® x CHRISTIAN GUZMAN is back for V4. Over a year in the making... and it's worth the wait. Packed with more stims, more pumps, more focus and the classic CG Lemon flavor...oh yeah, and no tingles! You heard that right. CG doesn't love Beta Alanine, so we replaced it with more of the ingredients you love. Let the EPIC workouts commence. Snag yours now, once it's gone, it's gone!

  • GHOST® Full Disclosure Label
  • 6G Full Yield Citrulline (featuring Citrulline Nitrate (NO3-T™))
  • 2.5G Betaine Anhydrous
  • 2G Vegan Fermented L-Tyrosine
  • 2G Taurine
  • 600MG Alpha-GPC
  • 300MG Caffeine Anhydrous