Genetic Nutrition Probiotic Defense

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GN Laboratories Probiotic Defense is excellent for the support of healthy digestion and healthy intestinal flora, as well as promoting the function of the immune system and the general well-being.


  • Unique formula with 13 different healthy probiotic bacteria
  • With papain and bromelain to support protein digestion
  • Helps to restore a healthy and balanced intestinal flora
  • Promotes healthy digestion and healthy bowel function
  • Can prevent digestion problems such as bloating, diarrhea, constipation, stomach upsets and many more
  • With prebiotic ingredients that promote the growth and proliferation of healthy probiotic bacteria
  • Inhibits the multiplication of unhealthy, pathogenic Darmbakterien
  • Anti-inflammatory effect
  • Reduction of cancer risk
  • Restoration of a healthy intestinal flora after taking antibiotics
  • Protection of intestinal flora against the negative effects of antibiotic residues in the food
  • Promotes healthy function of the immune system