Cali Cali Guilt-Free Sauces

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Uniquely developed by Chef Donal Skehan using only REAL FOOD ingredients, without any of the bad stuff, so you too can taste California streetfood in your kitchen.

  • SAN DIEGO (PERI PERI 230G) -A generous dash of heat complimented by a hint of lemon, with only 9 calories per serving. - MILD
  • TIJUANA HOT SAUCE (235G) - A Fiery blend of spice using real jalapeno peppers. Ideal for adding that extra kick to almost any meal, with only 1 calorie per serving. - HOT
  • FRISCO HOT WINGS SAUCE (235G) - Ready to use right out of the bottle! Creating that authentic restaurant taste without the guilt, with only 20 calories per serving. FAIRLY HOT
  • LA STREETFOOD SRIRACHA (240G) - A rich garlic flavour blended with cayenne spice and an LA streetfood twist, with only 1 calorie per serving.FAIRLY HOT
  • BAJA CHIPOTLE SALSA (235G) - A smoky salsa mix with real onion and tomato pieces. Ideal for wraps,burgers or as a dip, with only 12 calories per serving. MILD