Bulk Powders Smart Shake

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BULK POWDERS Pro Series 'Storage Shaker' is a high quality shaker bottle with a twist. Attached to the bottle are two convenient storage compartments, which simply screw on and off at your convenience. The first storage compartment is ideal for storing capsules, tablets and softgels. With a 2-way divider, you are able to store up to four different capsules, tablets and softgels in this compartment - without them getting mixed up. This is ideal for when you’re on the go, travelling, or even just at work and need easy access to your multivitamins and fish oils.The second compartment is ideal for storing powdered products such as Whey Protein; a great way of having your post-workout shake immediately to hand when you’ve finished a tough training session. You can also store additional powder in the first storage compartment by removing the 2-way divider

  • 600ml