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I-Drive is a 2-in-1 glycogen disposal agent and selective androgen receptor modulator (SARM) designed to optimise carbohydrate processing and keep your gains super lean. Supplement your training regime and balanced diet with TWP I-Drive to build the fuller, tighter physique you’ve been dreaming of!

Force those carbs into your muscles, better glycogen uptake, increased endurance and of course promote those lean gains!!

Benefits of I-Drive:

  • 2 in 1 action – I-Drive is a glycogen disposal agent and a selective androgen receptor modulator for double action.
  • Carbohydrate Control – I-Drive contains an insulin mimetic which optimises carbohydrate processing by directing glucose to your muscle cells where it can be stored as glycogen instead of storing it as fat elsewhere in the body.
  • Enhanced Endurance – This formula features cardarine, a fat burning and anti-catabolic SARM which also enhances endurance so you can train harder for longer.
  • Safe to Stack – TWP I-Drive is safe to stack with other supplements for more results on your muscle building or fat loss regimes

Nutrition Information

Cardarine 5mg
Berberine 500mg
Banaba Leaf (10:1 Extract) 750mg
Revertarol 75mg
Fenugreek (4:1 Extract) 400mg
Cinnamon Extract (Cinnamon Cassia 25:1) 250mg
Piperine 5mg