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19 g of protein and less than 2 g of sugar per snack! Here is a delicious, crunchy Olimp Protein Snack from Olimp Sport Nutrition! This tasty cookie (you can choose from 4 delicious flavours) is a perfect addition to the diet of every healthy eater.

Olimp Protein Snack contains a mixture of high-quality collagen hydrolysate and whey protein concentrate (WPC). In addition to the said protein that contributes to the growth and maintenance of muscle mass, our crunchy snack provides valuable dietary fibre (over 3 g per 100 g).

Olimp Protein Snack is recommended for everyone who enjoys physical activity. It's great both before and after a workout. It is also perfect as a delicious, filling protein snack at work, on the go or when you are hungry and do not have time to prepare a full meal. Olimp Protein Snack, due to its low sugar content, is also recommended for diabetics and people who want to diversify their daily diet and are looking for an alternative to “traditional” sweets.

The small size of the cookie allows you to always have it with you and reach for a protein snack when hungry. Try it and discover the sensational flavours of Olimp Protein Snack!

Nutrition declaration per 100g per portion (60 g)

2248 kJ/ 
541 kcal

1349 kJ/ 
325 kcal

of which saturates
38 g
33 g
23 g
20 g
of which sugars
of which polyols
22 g
1,7 g
13 g
13 g
1,0 g
7,5 g
Fibre 3,4 g 2,0 g
Protein 32 g 19 g
Salt 0,30 g 0,18 g